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I have told myself stories ever since I can remember. I write fiction – short stories, flash fiction and novels. My debut novel, Someone Else’s Conflict, was published by Honno in 2014 and was a LoveReading Debut of the Month. My second, Riverflow will also be published by Honno, in June 2019.

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Jay has chosen an itinerant life of busking and odd-jobbing, using rootlessness and stories to hide the guilt of his mistakes from the 1990s war in Croatia, beneath an outward layer of cheerfulness. When he arrives in the Yorkshire Dales and meets Marilyn, an artist, he feels he has finally found a place he could settle and a woman he could love. Jay wants to be honest with Marilyn but as the flashbacks that haunt him begin to reappear, he finds it hard.

Marilyn is fresh out of a controlling relationship, eager to reassert her independence and establish her pottery business. When the barn she plans to convert to a workshop suffers storm damage and Jay offers to help, she is intrigued by her enigmatic new friend and wonders if the practical support he gives her in rebuilding her life could turn to something more. How much of the stories he tells contain truth? Can she trust him?

When young economic migrant Vinko enters their lives, the past catches up with the present and stories become reality. Murder and kidnap force them both to decide how much they can believe and what it is they really want.

The story contrasts the idyllic Yorkshire Dales setting with the gritty reality of Northern cities, underlaid with a backdrop of the troubled times in 1990s Croatia.

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Coming soon from Honno

He defends himself against a world he resents by retreating from it.

She still dreams of changing the world.

In a village in the Welsh Marches, the undercurrents are as dark and strong as the River Severn. After a beloved family member is drowned in a devastating flood, Bede and Elin Sherwell only want to pick up the pieces and pursue their off-grid life in peace. But when a local landowner applies to start fracking near their smallholding, they are drawn in to the frontline of the protests. Mysterious threats and incidents begin to destroy trust, rake up the past and threaten their future together. Who is trying to ruin their world and how far will they go?  Coming soon from Honno

A brilliant tale for today's threatened world, Riverflow combines family secrets and ecology in an irresistible tide of tension.
Martine Bailey

"A compelling story, contemporary and relevant with its strong environmental messages, combining mystery and long-hidden family secrets with elements of a psychological thriller
 - I thoroughly enjoyed this one."

Being Anne

Alison Layland is such a clever writer, I was completely drawn in by her characters and their environment (a character in itself!)  The sense of unease that pervades throughout was heart-stopping at moments.  A terrific read.
Emma Curtis

Riverflow is a highly atmospheric thriller that entertains and educates in equal measure. The descriptions of rural Wales are lyrical but never overly sentimental. This is a book that lays family feuds and small-town intrigues bare.
Karin Salvalaggio

An immersive read that swirls with family secrets and simmering resentments. The rural setting provides the backdrop for a compelling narrative with a serious message at its core – the need to protect our natural world from environmental destruction.

Juliet West

A haunting and elegantly written novel about family secrets and their shocking consequences. It builds to a twist that nearly made me miss my tube stop.

Louisa Treger

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A surprisingly sensitive and compassionate thriller where the lurking suspense surges forward and delivers blasts of turbulence and ferocity. This is subtle, clever writing…. Much more than just a thriller, at its heart it is a story about friendship, responsibility, remorse and how the past can incarcerate and command everyday lives.’www.Lovereading.co.uk